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When to Replace Office Chairs

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities and are constantly having to make decisions that will impact your operation. One important decision that’s easy to overlook is when to replace the office chairs. This may seem like a minor issue, but it’s actually something that can have a big effect on worker productivity. Here are some of the major considerations to keep in mind.


A chair’s comfort is critical to an employee who sits at a desk for hours each day. If the chair is uncomfortable, then your workers will obviously be less productive. The chair’s padding plays a key role in employee comfort. If the padding is worn and starting to wear thin, then the worker is going to feel some discomfort after sitting down for an hour or more. Worn padding is a clear sign that a new chair is needed.


Another crucial consideration is whether all of the chair’s mechanical components are in working order. If the chair has levers to adjust the seat height or seat angle, are these fully functional? The armrest should be straight, completely intact and should not feel loose. A faulty armrest can cause a worker to contort their body into an unnatural position, decreasing the employee’s productivity. Also, if the chair has casters, these need to be inspected carefully. They should not making a lot of noise and roll across the floor easily.


A chair’s appearance is often a signal that it’s time for a replacement. If a chair’s vinyl is worn or the leather or fabric looks faded, then perhaps it’s reached the end of its usefulness. Of course, a poor appearance does not necessarily mean that a chair is no longer functional, but you might want to replace the chair anyway. If your customers see worn chairs, they come away with a bad impression of your business.


Like all office furniture, chairs have a limited lifespan—which is generally about 10 years at most. If a chair receives a lot of use, the lifespan is even lower. If any of the office chairs in your business are more than five years old, it might be time to consider getting new ones.

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It’s not always easy to know the best time to replace your office chairs. However, if you notice the signs above, it may be time for a replacement. For quality chairs that are bound to last, contact PVI. We will help you find the perfect office chairs for your office.

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