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Where to Find Used Furniture in Germantown, Maryland?

Whether starting a business or even just redecorating your office, appearances are important—especially to a new or potential client. Your office should support the polished, confident image that you are trying to convey. When you are looking for furniture to decorate your office, you want to work with professionals with verifiable experience to help your business look its best. That’s why you should check out PVI. Not only do they offer new furniture but gently used furniture too—because, who doesn’t like to save money?

PVI takes pride in offering quality furnishings with a focus on customer satisfaction. And, with 25 years of experience serving businesses of all types, including large government agencies, you know that you are working with a top notch furniture seller. Best of all, PVI is located in Frederick, MD—which is less than 30 minutes outside of Germantown.

If your business is located in Germantown, there is no other place to buy premium new and gently used office furniture.

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What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Buying Used Furniture?

  • Materials. If you care about the environment or think that your clients might, then take some comfort in knowing that if you buy pre-owned furniture, new raw materials—such as lumber, cotton, wool or the oil used to manufacture plastic—were not used in the creation of the furniture that you purchased.
  • Pollution. No matter what the product, there is always some by-product of the manufacturing process. When you extend the life of furnishings by re-using them, you by-pass the manufacturing process, thereby by-passing the release of additional pollution into the environment.
  • Energy. Just as manufacturing requires raw materials and produces by-products, it also requires energy. Unfortunately, the majority of the world’s power—especially in manufacturing—comes from non-renewable resources. When you buy used items, you avoid using additional energy to furnish your office.
  • Cost. Cost is probably the most obvious reason to buy pre-owned furniture. If you are in business, then you know it is all about the bottom line. You also have an understanding of how keeping your overhead low can affect the bottom line.

Why You Should Visit PVI

When you are looking for the right used furniture to decorate your office, a wide selection will give you the most options for bringing your vision of professionalism to fruition. PVIholds the distinction of being the largest used furniture warehouse in Maryland. Not only does PVI offer the largest selection of used furniture in Maryland, but they take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction. With so many reasons to visit, PVI should be your first stop to find great used furniture for your Germantown office.

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