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Types of Lighting that Can Increase Employees’ Productivity

Today’s workforce spends more time in the office than ever before. However, with poor lighting, poor productivity often follows. If workers are on-site but are sluggish or tired, they likely will not be churning out products or providing good service. In contrast, good lighting can increase productivity, ultimately positively affecting the bottom line. Employers that understand environmental factors that affect productivity get more out of their employees and wind up with better products and service.

Effects of Lighting

Lighting impacts the physical and mental well-being of the workforce. Dim lighting can have a negative impact on workers because it causes them to strain their eyes, which may lead to headaches. When proper lighting is not provided, the eyes have to work harder to see. Additionally, dim lighting causes drowsiness. Workers constantly surrounded in this lighting environment may lack focus and feel unmotivated.

Lighting that is too bright can also cause negative effects. Bright lights can also cause eye strain and headaches. In contrast, proper lighting can decrease depression while also increasing energy, alertness and productivity. Proper lighting can also reduce fatigue and increase mental acuity. The trick to installing lighting that increases productivity is to find the sweet spot. Workers perform better under specific lighting profiles.

Lighting Colors

An important factor that influences how people work is the color temperature of the light source. Light temperatures are measured in Kelvins. As the temperature rises, the light source changes colors and emits different colors of light. Some common classifications of light include:

  • Higher color temperatures – These are considered 4,600 Kelvins and above. They are typically blue-white in color. They may be called cool colors.
  • Mid-range color temperatures – These are between 3,100 and 4,600 Kelvins. They are cool white in color.
  • Lower color temperatures – These comprise temperatures up to 3,000 Kelvins. They often emit red, and yellow-white colors.

Scientific studies have found that the colors that increase productivity are cooler lights. These lights can increase productivity because of their vitality-enriching qualities and their ability to reduce sleepiness and fatigue during the day. This type of lighting is ideal for brainstorming areas in an office setting where creative ideas are meant to flow seamlessly.

Warmer lighting tends to make people feel more comfortable, so this type of lighting can be best incorporated in spaces with a more intimate feeling such as a meeting room. Lighting that is between these two polar opposites can be used in rooms that are both friendly and inviting, such as conference rooms.

Employers can use strategic lighting to create the ambiance they want. Additionally, the strategic placement of glass and mirrors can help bounce light off of the surfaces to illuminate the space. Additionally, employers may have lighting change as the work day progresses. The perfect lighting environment may be made up of a variety of task lights, overhead lights and natural light. Programmable lights can kick on and off depending on the time of day or when someone enters the room.

Design Planning

It can be difficult to find the perfect balance of lighting that increases productivity. That’s why PVI offers premium office space planning services that identify your needs while optimizing the placement and style of lighting and furniture. Our office space planning services are comprehensive and include a redesign expert providing you with scale drawings of potential layouts and placement of lights and furnishings.

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