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What Makes the Perfect Private Office?

Your private office should be an oasis of efficiency, style, and serenity. So how can you have the private office that allows you a comfortable space where you can focus on your work? With smart furniture choices and a few simple design tips, your office will be transformed into the office space you’ve always dreamed of.

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How to Lay Out Your Private Office

Just like when designing a home office, constructing an office in a single room requires careful planning. You need to make sure you’re making the most of your limited office space. Building vertically—using the height of your room to install shelves and other storage containers—will open your private office up for a number of office additions. This can create space for:

  • Extra chairs. If you’re going to have interviewees or employees in your office frequently, you can use your private office space to place extra chairs. Not only will this give your office an inviting—but professional—feel, it allows you to add an extra dash of style to your private office. By choosing from our inventory of used office chairs, you’re bound to find chairs for your office that fit with your private office’s aesthetic.
  • A couch. If you need a space in your office that’s away from your desk, a couch is a perfect choice. Of course, in order to fit a couch in your office, you have to clear out enough space for it to fit! Depending on how big your private office is, you could make use of our economical file cabinets in order to carve out space for your new office couch.

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