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How to Prepare Your Office for a Holiday Party

The everyday setup of your office might not be naturally conducive to an office party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rearrange the furniture to create a warm and inviting party space.  With a little advanced planning, here’s how you can prepare your office for this season’s holiday parties.

Create an Entryway

The first thing to consider is the entire space you can use, and that includes an entryway. You want to welcome your guests and guide them to the party space as efficiently as possible. Clear the entryway of any obstacles, use directional signs if necessary, and put up extra lighting or other wall decorations for the party.

Keep the entryway well lit and free from clutter and office furniture. You do not want guests congregating there since it also serves as an emergency exit.

Design One Main Food Area

To keep guests from blocking traffic ways, setup the food area away from the entryway.

Create only one main food area so you can protect the office flooring and furniture and to keep cleanup to a minimum. Use carpet protectors underneath the food tables and throughout the food area. When using office furniture for the food tables, use picnic table covers underneath linens for added protection.

Select foods that can be easily and neatly consumed, and if serving drinks, consider hiring a bartender to control the size of each drink and set out coasters on table tops to protect your office furniture from spills and watermarks.

Think Intimacy—Not Privacy—When Setting Up Seating

Office parties are fun to attend because coworkers can enjoy some food and conversation in small groups. Set up seating and standing areas using office chairs, tables, and even filing or storage cabinets.

If there are off-limits areas, use party tape to rope off the area, put up no entry signs to keep guests out, and protect the off-limits office furniture and equipment.

Protect Your Office Furniture

When an important office area cannot be sealed off from partygoers, protect the furniture using upholstery or slip covers for desks and chairs, tuck away small electronics into desks, and cover larger machines with plastic or other protective coverings.

When using office desks, chairs, or sofas for the party, use protective coverings on desks like table cloths, cover chairs, and sofas with slip covers or sheets, and use bumper pads or bubble wrap if you have to soften sharp edges from desks or tables.

Keep the Flow

The most important consideration when rearranging office furniture for the party is to maintain the traffic flow so your guests can move safely and easily around the space during the party and no furniture is blocking an orderly exit.

When creating the conversation areas, arrange your furniture to leave about three feet on either side of the seating areas for traffic flow.

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