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Organize Your Office For The New Year

The number one resolution every year for most people is getting their office organized.  Here at PVI Office Furniture, we have some helpful office organization tips that will help you check this resolution off your list.

Reduce and Recycle!

Does it boggle your mind when you think about how much an entire years’ worth of paperwork looks like? Well, if you have cluttered home office or cubicle, you already know what that looks like.  First things first. Resolve to reduce the amount of paperwork by shredding and recycling as much of it as possible. Yes, all those documents, receipts and everything in between you have been hording in your file cabinets, desk drawers. It’s time to purge!  Remember, you don’t have to keep every receipt, just the ones for the big-ticket purchases you have made over the past year. Those are the ones you want to keep – such as electronic items, office furniture and other large expenses for your office. Now, get rid of the rest.  Now that you have sorted out those documents, it’s time to organize. File it! Put those receipts in your file cabinet – preferable a fireproof file cabinet if you have one – that is the best place to keep important documents to keep them safe.

“Everything Has Its Place”

If you know the old saying “Everything has its place” this is your new mantra when it comes to organization. Office storage is essential. From storage cabinets, file cabinets, to having desk essentials where you have find everything you need within in reach at a moment’s notice. Having a desk that works with you is important.  If your current desk isn’t up to snuff, consider upgrading your desk that has more storage capabilities – drawers, cabinets so that you can store your important documents and electronic drops so you hide your wires to keep your desk free of clutter. You may even discover you want a stand-up desk that allows you to more storage as well. You can adjust the height of the stand-up desk to allow for portable file cabinets under the desk as well.  The most important office furniture feature is to find what works for your space and organize your office space to work with you.

Organization Can Boost Your Productivity and Creativity

When you have an organized work space, you can boost your productivity and your creativity without having the clutter surrounding you. Once your space is organized, the next step is to make sure its looks stylish and comfortable. The first step is to ensure you have the right office chair. Having the right office chair makes a world of difference. There is a wide selection of ergonomic chairs that are not only beneficial for your health but stylish as well.  You can custom select a chair based on your height, weight, all the while having it match your office decor!  The OfficeSource Advanced Ergonomic Series is great option. At PVI Office Furniture, we have a great selection of new, pre-owned and closeout ergonomic chairs for every budget.

The Bottom-line

Kicking off your new year by eliminating office clutter, organizing your essential office supplies and choosing the optimal office furniture such as desks, storage solutions and chairs, you are bound to have a productive new year. At PVI Office Furniture, we can help you get organized and start off the new year on an organized and productive note.

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