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How to Plan Your Office Space Redesign

We know redesigning your office space is a huge project. From deciding how your employees will sit to what furniture you’re going to buy to what color you want the walls to be painted, it’s almost impossible to go through an office redesign without going insane. Fortunately, you have the office design experts at PVI at your service. With our office space layout service, we can help you transform your office into the place you’ve always dreamed of.

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Planning Your Office Redesign

The planning stage is the hardest part of the office redesign. So how do you create a space that is both practical and will be loved by your employees? The best way to find out is to answer these two questions:

  • How do your employees move through the office? By paying attention to how your employees move through the office, you can get a better sense of where furniture needs to go. Is there an obvious bottleneck in traffic in a specific area? Is one part of your office almost never traversed? Then try drawing out a new work flow pattern to see how you can improve your space.
  • Where can your employees sit? Most office redesigns are done to create more space for a bigger workforce. By sketching out your office’s space and plotting the space out on paper, you can get a better feel for how your office should be designed.

Of course, PVI offers both work flow patterns and scaled drawings of your office space. Let us do the dirty work for you!

What Should You Prioritize in an Office Space Redesign?

A happy office space boils down to three things: space, light, and color. While these sound obvious, executing them in a way that works for your office and your employees is easier said than done! However, by focusing on a few easy design tips, your office will be transformed into a beautiful, efficient space.

  • Go green. No—this time we’re not talking about our recycled office furniture. Studies show that plants make offices close to 40 percent more productive.
  • Let in the natural light. A dark, cramped environment is where productivity goes to die. Be sure to maximize the natural light in your office, and don’t block it with large furniture or walls.
  • Open up the space. An open office allows for more movement and communication within your space.

By prioritizing these things in your office redesign, you‘ll see a happier and more productive workforce.

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