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How to Measure for Your New Office Furniture

Is it time to update your office furniture? Are your employees complaining about the outdated style of your cubicles and the uncomfortable nature of the office chairs? If so, you’ve come to the right place! PVI’s wide selection of new and used office furniture can fit any shape or style of office. But is your office the right shape for the office furniture you want? It’s important that you’re purchasing the furniture that fits correctly in your space.

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Getting Office Furniture that Suits Your Office

With our great selection of furniture, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself when purchasing for your office. But remember, the foundation to every good office renovation is planning and measuring. Without proper measurements, you could find yourself in a sticky situation with office furniture that won’t even fit in your space! That’s why, in order to update your office space with the new office furniture you need, you need to keep a few things in mind during the planning process:

  • How your employees move in the office. Your employee’s movement is an underrated aspect to your office’s layout. Paths to important places—like restrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, etc.—make a big difference in the happiness of your employees. Installing office furniture that is unwieldy to your current space could jeopardize the flow of your workforce’s foot traffic. Be sure to visualize how your employees would move around your new office layout before making your office furniture purchase.
  • How your furniture will fit. It seems obvious, but sometimes business owners will purchase office furniture that just won’t fit in their space. That’s why it’s important to measure prior to purchasing your office furniture. Mark down with masking tape on the floor where your new furniture will go to make sure it will fit. Be sure you’re accounting for your chairs, too! Most offices have rolling chairs which have a wider range of motion, meaning you’ll need to account for more space in your office.
  • Plan for the future. Are you planning on adding more office furniture to your space in the future? Then don’t cram your space full of desks and tables just now!  Be sure to leave enough room to comfortably add space for future employees.

PVI Office Space Planning Services in MD, DC & VA

Does that sound like a lot to worry about? Fortunately, PVI offers office space planning services that will make sure your office redesign goes off without a hitch. We’ll create plans, traffic flow charts, and recommend stylish office furniture that will fit comfortably in your current space. To learn more about our office space planning services in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia area, contact PVI today!

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