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What Flooring Should You Pick for Your Office?

We focus a lot the on office furniture layout of your office—and rightfully so! It’s what your employees interact with the most on a daily basis. But there are other parts of your office that require attention when implementing your office design. This includes your flooring. Now, there’s a big debate to be had between carpet and harder surfaces like hardwood flooring. So which is better for your office space? Let the office furniture experts at PVI help you out.

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What’s the Best Office Flooring?

What you use for your office’s flooring depends on what your needs are for your office. Your flooring affects your office in more ways than you probably think. From the overall feel and aesthetic of your office to the noise level, your office’s flooring is a big decision! It’s important to take into account:

  • The color of your flooring. Depending on how your walls are painted and what color your office furniture is, the color of your flooring could be dramatically out-of-line with the rest of your space. Make sure that your space matches aesthetically across all surfaces. Remember—when in doubt, check the color wheel!
  • What’s your office culture like? The obvious big difference between carpet and a harder surface is how much noise foot traffic causes. A surface like hardwood or tile can be unnecessarily loud when walked on—especially if your office space is typically on the quieter side.
  • Do you want to invest in mats for your desks? Most office chairs are equipped with wheels, which means that on a harder surface, they will make a much louder noise than on carpet. So unless you want every movement your employees make to resonate across your office space, you may have to invest in mats to go with your hard office flooring. Unless you’re committed to this expense, it could prove frustrating during your office redesign.

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