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How High Should My Office Chair Be?

The average employee can spend five, eight, or even ten hours a day seated in an office chair. Considering this, choosing the one that is the absolute best fit for your physique and build can be more crucial than you may think. A chair that is the wrong height, hardness, or even the wrong material can cost you greatly. Modern ergonomic studies show that extended period of sitting on poorly designed or improper chairs can carry risks to the back, limbs, and even your heart!

Luckily for all of us, choosing the correct height for your office chair in Frederick, MD is actually a fairly simple process! Let the experts at PVI clue you in on some quick office chair height tips.

Exactly How Important is Height?

Considering specifically the height of your chair, you might be risking your health quite a bit by having a chair that is:

Too low
If your chair is too low you may be inviting or exacerbating back pain and cramping. Additionally, you increase your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and may even be creating strain on your rotator cuff.

Too high
A chair that seats you too high carries similar risks to your shoulder and back, but also carries a risk that is similar to Golfer’s Elbow. The strain can create pain where the tendons of your arm attach to the inside of your elbow. This can cause inflammation and further pain over time, eventually becoming unbearable!

How Do I Choose The Right Height?

New Office ChairThe process is actually quite simple. When choosing your office chair (or adjusting the height of your current one), swivel the chair around to where the seat is resting against your legs. Adjust the height until the lip of the seat rests slightly in the indention directly underneath your knee. After making the adjustment, have a seat!

If your resulting position leaves your legs at a clean, ninety degree angle with your feet resting comfortably flat on the floor, congratulations. You found the ideal sitting position for your body!

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