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More Storage for Employees

Your employees are likely to spend as many, if not more, hours at work than they do awake at home. Considering that the average employee also has other roles they must fulfill—husband, wife, or parent—it is likely that many personal items find their way to the workplace. Often an employee must deal with errands before work and appointments or events after work. This requires many items that are not work related making their way into workplace.

Now, think about all the things each employee needs to complete their job on a daily basis. While supplies can be put in a centralized location, getting up whenever you need paperclips, paper, or specific forms takes time. Those minutes add up and they are minutes that reduce the productivity rate. Chaos is also created when personal and work-related items must share the same space.

It may be time to consider adding more storage space for each employee.

storage space

Why Add More Space?

Adding more storage space solves many issues.

  • It helps keep the workplace looking professional. You don’t want visitors to come into an environment where coats are thrown here and there, someone’s morning grocery stop is sitting on the floor by the desk, and personal items are on display for the world to see.
  • It saves time. When employees have to spend time searching through a mess to find a needed paper or have to go to another area to get supplies, it takes time away from actual work. Every interruption causes the flow to be disturbed and you can end up having employees not doing actual work for an hour or more total.
  • It saves money. Missed deadlines because of lost paperwork, absences because employees need to leave early to prepare for something and other mishaps cost money you don’t need to lose.
  • It enhances employee satisfaction. Happy employees are more productive. Knowing they can “do it all” helps keep them feeling valued and successful.
  • It increases productivity. With a neatly organized work space, productivity stays on track.

How Much Space is Enough?

This is where you need to take the time to evaluate the needs of your individual staff members. Ideally, they should have enough space at their desk to be able to store personal items out of sight. They need room for a cache of the most-used supplies to save time hunting them down and they need room to keep separate files for various projects.

A good rule of thumb is to figure out how much would be the minimal amount to keep your environment looking neat and professional, then add one more area per employee. This way, you provide your employees with what they need to remain productive and organized.

Install Storage in Your Maryland, Virginia, or DC OfficeNew Desks

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