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Tips to Keep Your Office Clean & In Great Shape

While many creative types—such as writers and artists—seem to thrive in a chaotic work environment, the majority of the population is more productive and healthier in a clean, well-organized workspace. How can you see that your office is not only clean, but also emotionally pleasing—after all, happy employees are productive employees. A clean work environment also looks great to guests and clients.

So, how can you keep your office tidy and neat? Check out our tips below!

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What Your Employees Can Do to Keep the Office Tidy

  • Have employees take ten minutes at the end of each day to clear their work areas. This includes emptying trash cans, filing papers and general organizing.
  • Once a week, schedule a thorough cleaning. Either schedule regular employees to work on this or hire outside help. Make sure floors are clean and free of debris, furniture is dusted and desks are free of spills and unnecessary items such as takeout containers and the like. Make sure all restroom areas are scrubbed and sanitized – and well-stocked. At least once a month, have all windows cleaned.
  • Keep a stocked cleaning closet so employees have the ability to get paper towels for spills, can grab a broom and dustpan when needed for minor mishaps and can keep the break area clean. If necessary, remind people that this exists.

Improve Your Company’s Storage

  • Provide an area specifically for coats, boots and other outdoor gear so employees don’t need to keep these things at their work station. This can be hooks and bins in the break area or even individual lockers.
  • Make sure the office has enough filing space. Paper seems to accumulate quickly. Even though much of the work that used to be done on paper is now computerized, there is still a necessity to have hard copies of things like client records, contracts and forms on hand. Don’t underestimate how much space is necessary for these items.
  • Provide storage space for office supplies and other things that employees need on a regular basis but don’t want cluttering desks. This includes things like paper clips, pens, printing items and other office necessities. Each office area should have a place where these items are readily available when needed.
  • Allow enough space for employees to keep their personal items off their work stations and out of sight. Personal items that are spread around take up valuable work space, can get lost easily and don’t look professional when visitors arrive.
  • Keep office furniture to scale. Provide work surfaces that are adequate for comfortable work but aren’t excessively large. Extra space on a flat surface tends to gather items that are not only likely to stay there, but also tend to pile up quickly. With enough storage space, work space areas can be kept smaller, opening up the office and making it appear less cluttered.
  • Provide waste baskets for every employee. Don’t make employees have to get up in order to throw away containers or other trash. Having a place to put it that is handy will help keep it from being left to “take care of” later.

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