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Choosing Furniture for a Small Office Space

If you spend more than eight hours a day in your office, you want an office that is both functional for you and inviting for employees or guests. If you have a small office, you know that choosing office furniture to fit your space can be challenging. Many desks are large and bulky, making it difficult to fit a desk as well as a few chairs for private meetings.

We understand small offices are hard to work with, which is why the furniture experts at PVI have outlined several tips to choosing furniture for your small office space.

File Cabinets

If you have a small office, your biggest struggle may be having enough storage space to keep important files. When it comes to choosing filing cabinets, choose furniture that is tall and skinny rather than short and wide. Storing vertically will help you save space, while still having enough storage space for all of your important documents.

Deskssmall desk

No one wants a small, uncomfortable desk in their private office. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up comfort for space! Many desks are large and have drawers that lengthen and make the desk more wide then need be. Choose a desk that has storage above your seating area as well as taller storage cabinets to shorten the desk while still keeping you comfortable.


If you have a private office, chances are you want a space where clients, employees, or guests can come in and sit for a meeting. However, if you have a small office space, it may be difficult to fit a few chairs plus a table. To keep your guests comfortable, provide seating that is directly across from your desk and allow guests to use your desk space to write. This will remove the need for a table in your office and when guests are not in your office, you can keep the chairs against a wall and have the desk to yourself.

Contact PVI for Help Designing Your Office Space

If you are having difficulty creating an office that you can be proud of, contact PVI. We offer interior design help to businesses throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. We will work with any office of any size to account for work flow and match your needs with new furniture that will fit and be functional. If you need help choosing furniture for your small office space, give the furniture experts at PVI a call at 301.694.7162 today!