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Where to Find Furniture for Small Businesses

Business start-ups, whether “first-timers” or expansion projects, usually have two objectives: portray a professional appearance and do it on a limited budget. Providing a comfortable and functional office for employees that also gives visiting clients an impression of success and permanence is a critical element for successful businesses.

Finding quality office furniture, whether new or used, that is affordable is an important early step in setting up a new office. In Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding areas, look for the PVI warehouse full of top brands of office furniture and accessories.

Hon Wood Desk

Does Office Furniture Affect Productivity?

Desks and chairs are the critical work spaces of an office. This is where you and your employees spend your time to create the magic that your business will be known for. It is no secret that an attractive and comfortable work space is inspiring and can lead to higher levels of productivity and employee morale.

Spacious desks and comfortable chairs also lead to better organization and less messiness. With the right furniture, the office can become a more pleasant place to be.

Office Furniture Delivery in the DC Area

PVI manages the largest inventory of high quality, new and used office furniture and accessories for virtually any application. Desks, chairs, conference room furnishings, cubicle configurations, filing cabinets, book shelves, and reception furniture of all sizes are available. While delivering to the entire DC area, PVI’s professionals will assemble and arrange the furniture to match your preferences.

Whether you need furniture delivered to your in-home office or to your office in Rockville, contact the experts at PVI!

New Furniture for Small Businesses

PVI represents all of the main brands in office furniture. If you are looking for traditional style or modern, or something in between, PVI’s broad selection will meet your needs. Whether you are starting up, expanding or just replacing the tired furnishings equipment you have outgrown, new desks, chairs, and cabinets spruce up the appearance of the office and revitalize your employees.

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Used Furniture for Small Businesses

PVI has a large inventory of gently-used furniture, including desk chairs, desks, reception chairs, bookshelves, filing cabinets, and other pieces that will go nicely with your office décor. While these high-quality pieces enhance the attractiveness of your work space, you save as much as 60% of the cost of new furniture.

Green Furniture for Small Businesses

Sustainability has become more than a buzz word in our society today. Recycling, reusing and reducing energy and materials is critical to maintaining the quality of life for future generations. If you happen to be in a sustainability mode, sensitive to the environment, PVI has a “green” line of office furniture. This material is reproduced from discarded furniture and accessories, using 85-90% less energy, labor and material needed to produce new products. The quality of PVI’s green furnishings is excellent, and you will be proud to have saved hundreds of pounds of virgin raw material products that would have been needed to produce new furniture.

Whether your small business is in Maryland, Virginia, or DC, save money by using PVI’s high quality “green” furniture and enhance your image of environmental responsibility.

PVI’s Other Solutions for Small Businesses

Besides offering new, used and green furniture for sale, PVI also leases office furniture, construction site furniture, or special event or convention furniture for short-term use. This is particularly great for small businesses who only want to rent furniture for a shorter period of time.

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For professional office design solutions with economy, consult with one of the professionals at PVI. Reviewing your current configuration, a PVI consultant can offer the most attractive, efficient and economical space-planning solutions for your office.

Check out the PVI warehouse and visualize all of the impressive possibilities.

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