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How To Build A Conference Room With Purpose

Your conference room is a meeting place. A place to exchange ideas and expand the conversation in your organization. Conference rooms can be large or small, depending on the size your office space. They are comprised of a table at the center of the room or more recently, more companies are transitioning these room into training spaces with mobile training tables to serve as a multipurpose space where they serve as training space or even smaller breakout meetings as the company needs expand and grow.

Making the most of your conference room space depends on how your conference room is designed. The two key words for your conference room you should keep in mind should be flexibility and movement. You will need both to ensure you make the most of your conference room.

Space Planning
The first step you should take when creating your conference room should be to properly and accurately measure your conference room space. When measuring your conference room space, be sure to take into account any extrusions you may have in this space – such as exposed pipes, etc. that could interfere in your layout. Another important note, take a look at the door and window placements. Doors can affect the placement of the furniture in the room – especially the layout of the chairs, which can make the movement in the room very tight if not properly planned.

Types Of Conference Tables
A conference table is a key component of any conference room. There are many different types available. Some common shapes include rectangular, square, oval/racetrack, boat-shaped, and round.

Rectangular and square tables: Rectangular and square tables are great for medium to large spaces and can be found with extendable or adjustable options allowing for better adaptability to changing needs.

Oval/Racetrack tables: Oval shaped or racetrack tables provide softened/rounded corners to allow for more seating capacity and easier movement.

Boat-shaped: The biggest benefit of the boat shaped design conference table is sight-lines. By being wider in the middle, people are not sitting in a straight line, making it easier to see screens, presentations and other meeting participants.

Round: For round tables, you need to allow for 4 foot walkway around the entire circumference of the table. Round tables can be huge space savers in some spaces, but they can be awkward in other spaces when there is just not enough room for the required 4 foot walkway.

Regardless of table shape, one option of consideration may be to add a conference table featuring a power data module. By having a power source that is mounted into the table; projectors, phones, computers and other electronic devices can be easily placed on the table surface without worrying about wall outlet placements and wire management. Depending on your needs, a table with a power data module can really simplify your conference room setup. Also, keep in mind, the size of your room will be a limiting factor when selecting your furniture. As a general rule, you want to allow four feet of space around any furniture to provide a safe and comfortable walkway. This will be crucial when selecting not only your table size, but chairs and other furniture such as a credenza for use in the conference room as well.

The Bottom Line
At PVI Office Furniture, we have conference room table for every budget and every purpose. Our showroom in Frederick, Md has a wide variety of conference room tables on site for you to preview from new, pre-owned and closeout selections. Our PVI sales team can even visit your office to plan out your conference room space to make sure you create a conference room with purpose. Contact us today or visit our Frederick, MD showroom. We’re open daily 9am to 5pm and conveniently,  so you can visit us on your own schedule as well.

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