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Benefits of an Open Office Floor Plan

When you’re planning the layout of the office, the floor plan is one of the first steps. When you are deciding which floor plan fits your needs best, consider an open office floor plan—as there are many advantages like low costs, flexible changes, and benefits to your staff’s productivity.

Low Construction Costs

Open floor plans are less expensive because there are no rooms to build. When you have a larger expanse with multiple desks in the space, there is no need for walls, doors, and glass to build individual rooms for offices, so you save on construction expenses.

Having a single workspace helps decrease heating, cooling and electricity expenses due to the improved flow of air and light. You can also save on equipment, like printers and fax machines, since common spaces can be used for shared resources.


When you have changes in staff, an open floor plan gives you much more flexibility rather than a finite number of offices. As your personnel fluctuates, so can the number of new desks needed to hold your staff.

When you have a limited number of offices, a certain amount of shuffling will occur to accommodate your workers. This can be costly and time consuming and limits the amount of staff you can fit into a space.

Easy Layout Changes

As the needs of your business change, and your staff changes, you can modify the layout of the workspace quickly and easily with an open office floor plan. For example, when you are expanding your business which needs a new department, you can easily change the layout of your floor plan to accommodate the new department where you need it. There’s no need for costly construction costs to add the new personnel.

Improved Collaboration

An open office floor plan encourages collaboration, cooperation, and communication as your staff will be able to see each other and communicate readily. With closed offices, everyone is “hidden away” in their own space. With an open office floor plan, creative ideas can flow among the group, they can communication with each other easily, and the process is ongoing throughout the work day.

Ease In Setting Up Meetings

Your managers who supervise employees can work more directly with them as a group and call meetings right in the open-plan office. This saves time and resources since your managers don’t have to find a conference room or other meeting place and then coordinate to get everyone in the same room. Your management staff also can address issues, answer questions, and monitor the group’s work on an ongoing basis without having to organize a meeting.

Improved Morale

Since human beings are social and like to interact with each other, a confined environment like an individual office doesn’t foster inspiration. When your staff can easily talk to coworkers, it helps to fulfill the social aspect we all need in life, which improves the mood of employees.

Contact PVI for Office Planning and Workstations

When you’re deciding what floor plan is best for your needs, considering all these advantages will help you make an informed decision. However, your decision depends on the requirements of your individual organization, your resources, your preferences, and your budget.

At PVI, we have office space planners to help you decide which layout would be best for your needs. When we layout your next floor plan, we take into consideration work flow patterns to you can ensure you are getting the most for your space.

After we plan your next floor plan, count on us to help you choose office furniture. We provide businesses around the Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas with premium new and used office furniture. Call us today to get started!

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