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Two Compelling Reasons Art Is a Great Addition to Offices

When designing an office space, every detail counts. From the furniture you use to the flow of the room to the design of the aesthetics, every element affects the perception, feelings, productivity, and more of employees and visitors.

Art is a crucial design element in an office that sets the tone for the workspace. It showcases what’s important to your company, can make your employees feel happy, relaxed, inspired, or even tired, and has ramifications that you might not expect.

Keep reading how art affects those in your office!

Art helps make a connection between your company and clients.

Art pieces tell stories. It’s wise to make sure your art tells a story that lets your clients know they’re in the right place. If you are an advertising agency, you could consider showcasing successful ads to give clients a taste of your work immediately. If you are a divorce lawyer, you could display images of happy children to show that you care and prioritize what’s best for your clients. If you are a travel agency, you could hang pictures of all the beautiful and exciting places your clients could travel to. By choosing art that represents you, you can subtly communicate to clients how you’ll represent them.

Your art is an opportunity to set the stage for client expectations. Take advantage of the opportunity and be conscientious and intentional with your decisions.

Art inspires employees and heightens creative potential.

There’s something uniquely human about art, and we all are all drawn to it and affected by it in one way or another. Studies have shown that viewing paintings triggers responses in regions of the brain linked with emotions, inner thoughts, and learning—all deeply personal yet universal experiences. When these parts of ourselves are engaged, we naturally become more self-aware, and at the same time, more open to the world: a perfect storm for creativity.

Enhanced creativity is good for your office productivity. It gets people emotionally invested. It shows employees that they are influential and useful. It helps your office tackle bigger problems than those that appear on daily checklists.

Art makes your workplace more engaged and productive. It’s a one-time investment that produces returns in perpetuity.

Designing the Ideal Office Environment

At PVI, we are experts at planning office spaces. We know that every detail matters, and we can help you transform your office into a workspace with optimal style and efficiency.

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