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The Benefits of Office Benching Workstations

Office benching workstations or open concept office furniture has become a hot trend in office space design. If you are considering this concept for your office, there are many factors to consider. In this blog, we look at the pros of office benching workstations and how this design can enhance your office space as well as the productivity of your employees.

What Are The Benefits Of Office Benching Workstations?

Better collaboration. When implementing office benching workstations in your office this design gives you the ability to group your employees together, which is great for teams such as engineering and creative teams such as marketing departments where employees thrive off being able to bounce off ideas in a open setting. The open benching workstation concept allows for these employees to have the ability to build strong bonds without cubicles walls getting the way of their conversations. Better communication between employees means better productivity. Anytime you can break open up communication in your office space, you know that can spark that genius within your employees. This design concept gives you that flexibility to create better team building within your organization without having to invest in other activities as well.

Space Savers. If you do not have a lot of space to work with in your current office design, open benching might be the right choice for your design. Cubicles can be a physical barriers between employees, and in addition  they also take up physical space in your office. Most companies know that space is a premium. With the office bench workstation designs you design the workstations to fit more of your employees within a space as well versus traditional cubicles where you might be able to fit in one employee, giving a less flexibility. Another benefit of office workstation benching is that it is budget friendly. The more employees you can fit in with office workstations, the bigger the cost savings.

Increased flexibility. Most office workstation bench designs are modular, which means that they can be configured and re-configured. These workstations grows with your company. You can also change cubes, however, there is a larger costs and downtime associated with reconfiguration on cubicles to factor into that design. The open benching workstations can be more flexible – not only can you expand systems to accommodate more employees as your company grows, but  they can be shifted on the floor most of the time very quickly.

In this post, we have highlighted the Mayline Even Collection.  The Mayline Even Collection gives you the ability to seat one, two, three or as many as four people at a single workstation. Multiple workstations can be used together in a variety of configurations to give you the right work surface space your office needs within a single area. This collection expands with your company’s needs. We also have the Even collection from Mayline on display at our Frederick, Md showroom for you to see in person.

What brands offer Open Benching Workstations?

At PVI Office Furniture, we have several brands that offer open benching options for you to review.  In addition to Mayline, our Office Furniture Sales Consultants can also show you options from OfficeSource, Maxon and Three H Furniture Systems. At PVI, we have open benching options that we feel will fit every budget. We can even give you a space design plan that will show you how open benching workstations will work within your current office space.

When considering incorporating an open benching workstation system into your office you must consider your business goals and the type of work your employees will be doing. Open benching workstations may be great for certain job functions within your organization, it may not work for everyone. Open benching workstations might be the right solution for your company to keep down costs vs. purchasing cubicles and the flexibility of re-configuration of the workstations that also will work with your budget.

For more information, we invite you to visit our Frederick, MD showroom to see our open benching workstation systems or arrange for one of our Office Furniture Sales Consultants to visit your office to give you an assessment on the options for open benching workstations systems.

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