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Beat The Summer Heat With Mesh Office Chairs

As the summer is upon us, we know at PVI Office Furniture, that companies are looking for ways to beat the heat and keep their employees comfortable in their office space. It’s important to the bottom line to have employees that are productive and ready to work – especially in the hot summer months. One way to beat the heat is to add ergonomic mesh office chairs to your office environment. Mesh office chairs not only offer a great way to stay cool with their ventilated seats and backs but they can also be great ergonomic furniture solution to many other health related your employees may face as well.

The benefits of mesh office chairs

At PVI Office Furniture, we know mesh office chairs. And we love to educate our customers on the benefits of these chairs to help our customer select the right chair for their office and for their employees as well. Below, we have outlined our overview of what you need to know about mesh office chairs.

Keep You Cool In The Summer

The primary benefit that mesh chairs offer is their ventilation. With the mesh material design, it allows for air to flow freely helping to keep employees well ventilated as they sit and work. With fully upholstered chairs the body heat coming off employees’ is trapped along their backs, causing the employee to sweat. As you probably know from experience having a damp back is uncomfortable to. With better ventilation, a mesh chair keeps you cool, dry, and feeling fresh.

Low Maintenance

The ventilation is one benefit of mesh office chairs. Not only does a cooler back keep an employee drier and more comfortable, but the lack of sweat also results in less maintenance for the chair. Body sweat can soak into upholstery, staining it and embedding an unpleasant odor over time. With mesh office chairs, this is no longer an issue. With the mesh back chair, the backs of employees stay dry, there is very little need to clean mesh chairs to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

Built to Last!

Mesh material may look thin, however, the material is quite durable. Mesh fabric is woven tightly and is strong as a result, thus it takes many years to wear it down. By contrast, fully upholstered office chairs can receive tears in their upholstery and the padding can flatten over time, making these office chairs both worn-looking and uncomfortable. Mesh chairs in many cases, use rigid plastic or metal frames to hold the mesh weave and these stronger components enhance the durability of the chairs. What we have discovered is that the extended durability of mesh chairs lends itself to better budget options for companies as well these chairs are a better option for employees over a long period of time.

Modern Style

The modern style of mesh chairs is also appealing to employees and companies alike. Mesh office chairs have a modern look, thanks to their slim profiles and color options. They are minimalist design and colors allow for you to integrate these chairs into your office to give a more modern, updated look to office space. Not only will mesh office chairs work with workstations or desk, there are even options for side chairs and more.

Ergonomic Support and Function

When selecting mesh office chairs for your office and employees, the extra benefit for ergonomic support is helpful. Most mesh office chairs are ergonomically shaped, with the mesh back curved in a way that it forces an employee to sit with good posture. This ergonomic design helps keep employees sitting in a comfortable position throughout a working day, which help prevent the kind of back paint that can negatively affect their performances. Most mesh office chairs are also highly adjustable and which allows your employees to customize their chairs to fit their seating preferences. The adjustability of mesh office chairs also helps ensure that they provide maximum support no matter the dimensions of the person sitting in them.

Mesh chairs have three different options for seat-back heights: low-back, mid-back, and high-back. The table below explains the characteristics of each of these options.


A low-back mesh chair is generally a chair that has the top of the seat-back just below the employee’s shoulder blades; this type of seat is great for the type of work where employees are active at their desks and constantly leaning forward.




A mid-back mesh office chair should come up to the shoulders or just below. These are great for employees who need a good deal of back support over the course of a working day.




A high-back mesh office chair should come up over the shoulders. These mesh back chairs are generally considered “ executive chairs” and can be used for conference room as well or for taller employees.


About PVI Office Furniture

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